Roseant Engineering Technology PLC

Roseant Engineering Technology PLC

Roseant Engineering Technology PLC is Information and Communications Technology, Telecom and Engineering solution provider devoted to understanding needs of businesses. It is driven by the pursuit of excellence in service delivery and by its promise to improve customer's business performance.

Head Quarters

Roseant Engineering Technology PLC has its offices located at

Mickey Leland Street, NB Business Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

+251116181196 | +251913868242 | +251911214123



Our solutions include the Infrastructure (Hardware and Equipment), the software (System and Application), Telecom Value Added Services (VAS), engineering and consultancy, training, implementation and support services.

We can be your service provider of turn key solutions, whether you are:

A large corporation with complex needs to gain the business ability required.

A small to mid-sized company seeking to leverage IT to become more efficient and adaptive.

An individual motivated to keep up with the pace of technology.

Business Partnerships